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During my 18 years as an athlete, coach and personal trainier, I specialize in core training and conditioning, sports strength and conditioning, firm and toning and healthy living.
My mission as a personal trainer is to educate and empower my clients to reach their established goals.
My goal for my clients is for them to achieve their desired results in a relax and enjoyable atmosphere.
I train clients in their homes, offices and outdoors (Summer Boot Camp coming Spring/Summer 2010)throughout Washington, DC area.
I workout with clients as training partners with various sports (track and field, tennis, basketball, soccer, Football, boxing, golf, hiking and biking).
Ready to get started on your new fitness goal? Want to start looking good for the summer? Need to get in shape for a sport?
Please contact CCW Management, Inc. for for personal training, coaching or strength and conditioning needs in the Washington, DC Area?
Please contact CCW Management, LLC for rates via email at or cell (301) 793-2900.
We also have a great referral database with personal trainers and coaches in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, Maryland, DC and Virigina. 

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